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The Nice's SMUR

The Nice's SMUR interventions

The hall of medical regulation - CRRA

Medicalization of sporting events by the SAMU 06

Medicalization of Nice IronMan - Juin 2005

The Ironman France Triathlon, Endurance sports event, held in Nice for the first time in June. The 1 400 athletes from 37 nations have traveled 3.8 km swim in the bay of Nice and 180 km of cycling in the hinterland of Nice, on a course bienvalloné to eventually drop their bikes and begin a marathon of 42 km 195 of jogging on the Promenade des Anglais in 4 loops.
The event took place under favorable weather conditions for athletes and a local temperature of 28° C and without the slightest breath of wind.
The PMA team has treated 280 victims and 15 absolute emergency (AE) with the staff 3 doctors, 3 IDE, 2 CCA and 1 PARM.

Medicalization of Nice Triathlon - Septembre 2004

Triathlon is a sporting event of very high-level testing for athletes.
The 2004 edition of the Nice International Triathlon (23th edition) was organized for the last time.
1800 concurents took off to go swimming 4 km offshore and 120 km bike ride with 1000 m altitude, to finish with 30 km race walk on the avenue called "Promenade des Anglais". The first will end in just under 7 hours in the last 11 hours.

The training, exercises and maneuvers…

Mountain Rescue Exercises

The team Mountain SAMU 06 participates in a monthly fiscal relief in a hostile environment.
These exercises, organized by rescuers from the CRS 06 or Constables of "Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne" (PGHM) see, besides the participation of physicians of the SAMU 06, the nurses, lifeguards mountain rescue Fire Brigade Of the Civil Security helicopter…
Or up to a hundred people during certain maneuvers (avalanche…).

CBRN exercise in Nice - Avril 2005

Major exercise to test the responsiveness of emergency service against a chemical threat.
The alert was given at 12:30 for an explosive device of the second world war containing mustard gas. Among the victims were 10 absolute emergency and 10 relative emergeny. The cell decontamination Fire service was implemented.
Trainees University Degree Emergency Nursing were assessed during this exercise.

Rescue exercise in a road tunnel - Mars 2005

The latest accidents in tunnels in recent years in France showed the extreme difficulty of taking action, by conditions that may quickly become incompatible with any medicalization. The road and motorway network in the Alpes-Maritimes has many tunnels and different kind of simulation exercises conducted in recent months with the assistance of the SAMU 06 have helped to define more precisely the problems existing in the relief and release.
Preparation of these exercises is to bring together, in accordance with the normal functioning of agencies responsible for public safety, the conditions as close as possible to the real. It is important to test the warning means, the reactivity of different stakeholders, communication and synergy between them.

European Exercice "Euratox" - Octobre 2002

Under the aegis of the European Commission, France has organized the first European civil protection exercise entitled EURATOX 2002. It was held at the military camp Canjuers (Var) of 26 to 29 October 2002.
The theme was relief to victims of a malicious act involving radioactive materials and toxic chemicals. Rescue teams from five European countries (Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Sweden) intervened as a reinforcement of French services. Medical resources of the host Member States of the European Union were also invited. The exercise saw the participation of more than 850 rescuers who have assisted almost 2000 people "contaminated" by toxic fumes.

Rescue exercise to shipwrecked - 2002

The NGV (High Speed ​​Vessel) has been the scene of the year Rescue exercise to shipwrecked. Following a simulated fire, passengers are evacuated by a water wheel of stars to the port of Nice.
Here they are supported by the EMS team in the Advanced Medical Station (AMS) before being evacuated to the Hospital by the large water wheel in relation to the regulation of SAMU 06 that prepares the hospitable reception of victims.

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